PACE President Anne Brasseur

The Istanbul Convention constitutes a blueprint for future society

“The Istanbul Convention has a soul. It is a blueprint for future society in which violence against women will no longer be justified (...) It will be prevented, fought, punished and finally rejected by everyone”, Anne Brasseur said. More

PACE autumn session: the Ukraine crisis, Human Rights Prize, countering neo-Nazism

A current affairs debate on the crisis in Ukraine and a debate on countering neo-Nazism – with the participation of the Speaker of the Norwegian Parliament Olemic Thommessen – are among highlights of the autumn session. More

PACE President to make working visit to Azerbaijan

PACE President Anne Brasseur Anne Brasseur will make a working visit to Azerbaijan from 22 to 24 September 2014, during which she is due to meet the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Milli Mejlis and the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Justice. More

'Sport must not be above the law'

Fifa headquarters in Zurich “Sport must not be above the law,” stressed Anne Brasseur, speaking in Macolin at the opening of the Conference of European Ministers of Sport, organised by the Council of Europe and the Swiss Federal Office of Sport. More

Violence against LGBT people on the rise: counteraction is urgently needed

“I am deeply disturbed by the grave attacks on the LGBT community in Europe, especially the savage murder of Ekaterina Khomenko, and the attack on a German gay activist in Belgrade,” said Robert Biedroń. More

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