PACE rapporteur: Egypt must respect media freedom

PACE media freedom rapporteur Gvozden Flego (Croatia, SOC), speaking before a new verdict on two Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt, has called on the authorities to respect media freedom and ensure fair trials. More

World Anti-Trafficking Day: protecting victims must be the top priority

Gülsün Bilgehan, (Turkey, SOC) "It's time to turn the spotlight on those hidden recesses where trafficking in human beings flourishes," said Gülsün Bilgehan (Turkey, SOC), Chair of PACE's Equality Committee, speaking on the World Day against Trafficking. More

Tunisia: death penalty rapporteur concerned about new 'anti-terrorism' law

"I share the shock caused by the recent cowardly and cruel attacks in Tunisia. However, I must strongly condemn any legislative initiative that makes provision for the death penalty", Marietta Karamanli declared. More

PACE President reacts to latest migrant boat tragedy in the Mediterranean

"I am deeply saddened by yet another fatal accident in the Mediterranean," said PACE President Anne Brasseur, reacting to news that up to 40 more African migrants may have perished as their boat sank. More

PACE rapporteurs welcome Skopje agreement

Skopje, ''l'ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine''  © Zefart "The agreement reached today by the country’s main political parties is an important step towards ending the political crisis, including the parliamentary boycott by the main opposition party," say Lise Christoffersen and Valeriu Ghiletchi. More

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