Network of contact parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children

A positive education empowering children against sexual violence

The Network of contact parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children stressed the need to provide positive education empowering children against sexual violence, including in the digital environment. More

Persons with disabilities: achieving full inclusion requires strong political and financial commitments

Elena Centemero (Italy, EPP/CD° "We cannot yet define our decision-making systems as fully inclusive since they continue to leave aside persons with disabilities most of the time,” said Elena Centemero, on the eve of the Day of Persons with Disabilities. More

Call for strong social dialogue, based on a healthy balance of power and full respect of international standards

Ögmundur Jónasson The committee expressed its concern with regard to the “lower significance and changing role of trade unions” which “could further increase currently widening social and economic inequalities”.  More

Call for scrutiny to protect democracy and citizens in blue print for future world trade

The committee reminded member States to pay very close attention to safeguarding environmental, democratic, and human rights imperatives in Europe, when drafting the “new generation trade agreements”. More

PACE: condemnation of recent executions in Belarus

Andrea Rigoni, Rapporteur on the situation in Belarus and Alain Destexhe, Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, have expressed deep concern at press reports according to executions in Belarus. More

PACE fully supports Cypriot President and Turkish Cypriot leader in their efforts to reach a solution to the conflict

Pedro Agramunt (Spain, EPP/CD) “We come to Cyprus at what could be a historic period for the ongoing process of talks on the reconciliation of the island and its people,” said President Pedro Agramunt, addressing the Standing Committee in Nicosia today.  More

Demetris Syllouris: living in peace and in security is not self-evident

"Living in peace and security is not a matter of course and it is more than ever essential to defend the core values and principles of the Council of Europe," said Demetris Syllouris, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Cyprus. More

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