PACE President opens Dubrovnik conference with appeal to shared values

At the opening of a conference aimed at promoting democratic security in the Mediterranean, Liliane Maury Pasquier appealed to the shared universal values which have historically linked the countries around the Mediterranean. More

Council of Europe offers its experience in building democratic security to Med countries

Leading figures from Croatia and the Council of Europe have pledged new ways to help build “democratic security” in the Mediterranean and North Africa at a parliamentary conference in Dubrovnik which focused on shared values. More

Strengthening democratic security through territorial solidarity

Believing that territorial solidarity was “a matter of democratic security”, Mr. Grin said that it was impossible to ensure the prosperity of certain regions to the detriment of others, addressing the Congress today.  More

Georgia: voters had a genuine choice and candidates campaigned freely, but on an unlevel playing field

Tbilisi (Georgia) © Shutterstock The presidential election was competitive and professionally administered. Candidates were able to campaign freely and voters had a genuine choice, although there were instances of the misuse of state resources, observers say. More

Appeal for a political solution to the Syrian crisis

Following a visit to Amman, Theodora Bakoyannis, who is preparing a report on “The situation in Syria and its effects upon surrounding countries”, has underlined the importance of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis.  More

Empowering intersex people: a crucial means of guaranteeing their rights

“For far too long, discrimination against intersex people has played havoc with their lives and led to appalling violations of their rights,” said Piet De Bruyn, on the occasion of Intersex Awareness Day.  More

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