Citing Crimea, PACE suspends voting rights of Russian delegation and excludes it from leading bodies

PACE has decided to suspend the voting rights of the Russian delegation, as well as its right to be represented in the Assembly’s leading bodies, and its right to participate in election observation missions. More

PACE rapporteurs say no to child marriage in Iraq

Two key PACE rapporteurs appealed to their fellow Iraqi parliamentarians not to vote a bill called the “Jaafari law”, which would legalise forced and child marriage and marital rape.  More

Skopje: fundamental freedoms respected, but campaign playing field not level

Fundamental freedoms were respected and candidates were able to campaign freely, although biased and unbalanced media coverage and a blurring of state and party activities created an unbalanced playing field.  More

Monitors make fact-finding visit to Montenegro

Kimmo Sasi and Terry Leyden will make a fact-finding visit to Montenegro discuss implementation of the Assembly’s latest resolution and to assess the latest political and legal developments in the country. More

PACE strongly condemns cases when the Strasbourg Court’s ‘interim measures’ are ignored

Kimmo Sasi (Finland, EPP/CD) PACE has strongly condemned instances of outright violation of “interim measures” requested by the European Court of Human Rights – such as halting an individual’s extradition or deportation, for example. More

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