Anne Brasseur, PACE President

All democratic forces need to join hands in combating hatred and intolerance

“All democratic forces need to join hands in combating hatred and intolerance,” said Anne Brasseur at the end of a panel discussion on “Thinking the unthinkable: what is next in store for us?” during the 2015 Lennart Meri Conference. More

FIFA should hold new vote on 2022 World Cup bid, says PACE

Michael Connarty (United Kingdom, SOC) The decision to assign the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was so “radically flawed” by illegal payments that FIFA should hold a new vote under cleaned-up procedures, according to PACE. More

PACE delegation to make fact-finding visit to “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

Skopje, ''l'ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine''  © Zefart A delegation of the PACE Monitoring Committee, composed of Stefan Schennach, Robert Walter and Andreas Gross, will conduct a fact-finding to “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, to discuss the current political crisis. More

CIA secret prison: PACE President welcomes admission by former Romanian President

"In view of Romanian former President Iliescu’s admission of a 'CIA facility' in his country, it is now up to the Romanian authorities to conduct a serious investigation into the facts," said PACE President Anne Brasseur. More

Upholding human rights: a national task as well as one for the Strasbourg Court

Yves Pozzo di Borgo  (France, EPP/CD) PACE has congratulated the European Court of Human Rights on reducing its backlog of cases and becoming even more efficient, but urged states to match this progress by “reinforcing the principle of subsidiarity”. More

Drones: states must ‘scrupulously respect’ limits laid down in international law

Arcadio Diaz Tejera (Spain, SOC) Council of Europe member States should “scrupulously respect” the limits placed on targeted killings under international law when carrying out drone strikes, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly said today. More

Migratory flows in the Mediterranean: the EU should 'carry out urgent and concerted action'

The Assembly today called on the member States of the EU to adopt a comprehensive approach to deal with mixed migratory flows across the Mediterranean, with a view “to carrying out an urgent and concerted action”. More

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