AS/BUR: Documents and declarations

The Bureau's public documents and declarations.

Date Document title
11/12/2018 AS/Pro (2018) 20 def / Opinion
List of rights of participation and representation whose exercise may be deprived or suspended in the context of a challenge of credentials with respect to voting rights in the procedure for electing personalities by the Assembly – Opinion for the Bureau of the Assembly
08/11/2018 AS/Bur (2018) 49 / Memorandum
Observation of the referendum in "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (30 September 2018)
28/06/2018 AS/Bur/MR-PA (2018) 08 / Report
Role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly
05/06/2018 AS/Bur/MR-PA (2018) 06 rev / Revised memorandum
Role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly
05/10/2016 AS/Bur (2016) 52 / Memorandum
Mission for the assessment of the referendum on the draft modifications to the Constitution of Azerbaijan (26 September 2016)