Parliamentary Project Support

The Parliamentary Project Support Division was created in 2012. Its aim is, in co-operation with the general Committees, to assist with the implementation of specific co-operation involving parliamentarians and staff of national parliaments, so as to increase the visibility and impact of the PACE's work.

It is intended  to ensure that the PACE's key recommendations are better known by national parliaments of Member States Parties and beyond, in observer and partner for democracy parliaments.

The capacity to achieve tangible results remains the key criterion that has guided the design of the activities proposed. Seminars, capacity building and exchange of good practices, organised on a well-defined agenda and involving a limited number of countries have been preferred to large-scale conferences.

Importance has also been given to identifying issues and projects on which it will be possible to build over time. Although the Plan is formulated for one year, a number of initiatives are conceived with a two or three-year horizon.

These dimensions are also at the core of the fund-raising initiatives, which will be pursued to support the co-operation activities. In 2012 external partners began providing additional funding to the PACE's parliamentary co-operation recognising the added value of these initiatives.

By targeting its co-operation with national parliaments on thematic priorities which are at the core of its work and on which it has recognised expertise, the PACE is well positioned to show that its projects can make a difference, but also that they can usefully complement and reinforce initiatives taken by the Council of Europe at the inter-governmental level.

Around 30 activities a year

Since 2012 and thanks to the logistical support from our division, in close collaboration with the PACE committees and financed by various programmes, over 130 activities have taken place to improve PACE's visibility. 85% of these activities were used to promote dialogue between parliamentarians, PACE partners; 15% were training seminars for staff of national parliaments.

At present, our team organise around 30 activities every year. We have developed the parliamentary dimension of two Council of Europe-wide joint programmes financed by the European Union - "South Programme" with our partners in the South Mediterranean and "Partnership for Good Governance" with the six Eastern Partnership countries. Activities have also been organised in the framework of different Action Plans (Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina) and cooperation programmes. We have also supported the activities of several parliamentary networks: Parliamentary Network Women free from violence, No Hate Parliamentary Alliance, Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign to fight sexual violence against children, Parliamentary Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children and the newly created Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies.

All of these activities have focused on the core values and standards of the Council of Europe, regularly debated by the PACE, the main purpose of which is to strengthen the impact of the work of PACE on national parliaments and to better promote and protect human rights, the rule of law, and democratic governance in all European countries and beyond.