National Parliaments

Member States

Albania Parliament
Andorra Parliament
Armenia Parliament
Austria Parliament
Azerbaijan Parliament
Belgium Chamber of Deputies / Senate
Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentary Assembly
Bulgaria National Assembly
Croatia Parliament
Cyprus House of Representatives
Czech Republic Chamber of Deputies / Senate
Denmark Parliament
Estonia Parliament
Finland Parliament
France National Assembly / Senate
Georgia Parliament
Germany Federal Diet (Bundestag) / Bundesrat
Greece Chamber of Deputies
Hungary National Assembly
Iceland Parliament
Ireland House of Representatives (Dáil Éireann) and Senate (Seanad Éireann)
Italy Chamber of Deputies / Senate
Latvia Parliament
Liechtenstein Parliament
Lithuania Parliament
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies
Malta House of Representatives
Moldova Parliament
Monaco National Council
Montenegro Parliament
Netherlands The Upper House / The Lower House
Republic of North Macedonia Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia
Norway Parliament
Poland Diet / Senate
Portugal Assembly of the Republic
Romania Chamber of Deputies / Senate
Russia State Duma / Council of the Federation
San Marino Great General Council
Serbia National Assembly
Slovakia National Council
Slovenia National Assembly / National Council
Spain Congress of Deputies / Senate
Sweden Parliament
Switzerland Federal Assembly
Turkey Grand National Assembly
Ukraine Parliament
United Kingdom House of Commons / House of Lords

Special guests

Belarus House of Representatives / Council of the Republic
The special guest status of the Belarus National Assembly was suspended by the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly on 13 January 1997.


Canada Parliament
Israel Knesset
Mexico Chamber of Deputies / Senate

Partners for democracy

Jordan Parliament / Senate
Kyrgyzstan Parliament (kg) (ru)
Morocco House of Representatives / House of Councillors
Palestinian National Council Palestinian National Council