Committee on the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights

22 Seats - 22 Sièges

Member Role Party/Group Country
ULLRICH Volker Chairperson EPP/CD Germany
PANTIĆ PILJA Biljana First Vice-Chairperson EPP/CD Serbia
CORLĂŢEAN Titus Second Vice-Chairperson SOC Romania
MEHL Emilie Enger Third Vice-Chairperson ALDE Norway
AZZOPARDI Jason Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Malta
GORGHIU Alina Ștefania Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Romania
LĪBIŅA-EGNERE Inese Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Latvia
TILKI Attila Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Hungary
ULLRICH Volker Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Germany
VLASENKO Sergiy Full Member EPP/CD EPP/CD Ukraine
COZMANCIUC Corneliu Mugurel Alternate EPP/CD EPP/CD Romania
PANTIĆ PILJA Biljana Alternate EPP/CD EPP/CD Serbia
POCIEJ Aleksander Alternate EPP/CD PPE/DC Poland
ŠIRCELJ Andrej Alternate EPP/CD EPP/CD Slovenia
STYLIANIDIS Evripidis Alternate EPP/CD EPP/CD Greece
VARDANYAN Vladimir Alternate EPP/CD EPP/CD Armenia
ANDERSON Donald Full Member SOC SOC United Kingdom
BOER Margreet Full Member SOC SOC Netherlands
BUSHKA Klotilda Full Member SOC SOC Albania
CORLĂŢEAN Titus Full Member SOC SOC Romania
EFSTATHIOU Constantinos Full Member SOC SOC Cyprus
SZEJNA Andrzej Full Member SOC SOC Poland
KOBAKHIDZE Irakli Alternate SOC SOC Georgia
MALLIA Emanuel Alternate SOC SOC Malta
VALLINI André Alternate SOC SOC France
ZZ… Alternate SOC
ZZ… Alternate SOC
ZZ… Alternate SOC
CHOPE Christopher Full Member EC/DA EC/DA United Kingdom
KALCHENKO Serhii Full Member EC/DA EC/DA Ukraine
MESSERSCHMIDT Morten Full Member EC/DA EC/DA Denmark
BLENCATHRA David Alternate EC/DA EC/DA United Kingdom
KASSEGGER Axel Alternate EC/DA EC/DA Austria
ZZ… Alternate EC/DA
BECHT Olivier Full Member ALDE ADLE France
KRISPER Stephanie Full Member ALDE ALDE Austria
MARUKYAN Edmon Full Member ALDE ALDE Armenia
MEHL Emilie Enger Full Member ALDE ALDE Norway
HOUBRON Dimitri Alternate ALDE ADLE France
ZZ… Alternate ALDE
ZZ… Alternate ALDE
ZZ… Alternate ALDE
KATROUGKALOS Georgios Full Member UEL UEL Greece
KOX Tiny Alternate UEL UEL Netherlands
BAYR Petra Ex officio (Rule 44.1 of the Rules of Procedure) SOC Austria
CILEVIČS Boriss Ex officio (Rule 44.1 of the Rules of Procedure) SOC Latvia

Secretariat - Secrétariat

  Strasbourg Sessions Permanent Secretariat
Name Location Tel Fax Email Address Location Tel Fax Email
SCHIRMER Günter Office/Bureau: 6.001 +33/3 88.41.2809          
HAUG Aurélie Office/Bureau: 6.182 +33/3 90.21.5229