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COVID-19: Temporary arrangements to enable remote committee meetings

At its meeting on 7 May, the Bureau approved a memorandum on arrangements for the conduct of remote committee meetings, introducing supplementary working methods on a temporary basis in response to the exceptional situation of COVID-19. The organisation and holding of such meetings must guarantee... More

COVID-19: PACE Summer session postponed to a later date

At its meeting on 30 April, the Bureau decided to postpone its part-session scheduled to be held in Strasbourg on 22-26 June to a later date, but before the October part-session. A decision on the date is expected to be taken by the Bureau at its meeting in June. The Bureau also approved a... More

Summer Session: report on strengthening decision-making process concerning credentials and voting

Drawing up the draft agenda of the PACE June session, the Bureau decided to include a report on “Strengthening the decision-making process of the Parliamentary Assembly concerning credentials and voting”. More

Next step in the Assembly reform process

Proposals aimed at maintaining, changing or supplementing the rules governing the ratification or challenge of credentials, and participation rights of national delegations, have been referred to PACE’s Rules Committee. More

Ad hoc Committee on the role and mission of PACE

At its meeting in Zagreb on 1 June, the Bureau's ad hoc Committee on the role and mission of the PACE held an exchange of views on the basis of a revised memorandum prepared by its Chairman and decided to declassify it. More

An Ad hoc Committee on the role and mission of the Assembly

At its last meeting, the Bureau decided to set up an ad hoc Committee on ‘The role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly’. Its purpose is to make proposals to the Bureau on the implementation of the Resolution 2186. More