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COVID-19: ‘We are not forced to choose between health and privacy, we can have both’ says PACE rapporteur

With COVID-19 raising fears of increased surveillance, PACE’s rapporteur on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, Selin Sayek Böke (Turkey, SOC), has issued a strong call for a new framework to regulate AI in this area, urging “a new era of citizen empowerment” for health data which will protect... More

COVID-19 / Responses to the pandemic: committee to assess lessons for the future at hearing

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic which has spread to all continents –resulting in more than 4 million cases of infection and 280,000 deaths worldwide to date – what conclusive lessons can be drawn and used in the event of future health crises, while giving priority to human rights? The... More

COVID-19: ‘Let’s help the WHO help all of us’

“I call on all member States of the Council of Europe and all relevant partners to step up and support the World Health Organization, both morally and financially, in a spirit of global solidarity,” declared Luís Leite Ramos. More

COVID-19: We must face the pandemic while respecting economic and social rights, says committee Chair

“European citizens are on their balconies and at their windows every evening to pay tribute to health workers, but Europe should not be content with applause and thanks,” said Luís Leite Ramos, Chair of the Committee on Social Affairs. More

Repatriating children from conflict zones is a human rights obligation

The Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development expressed its concern about the situation of the children in Syria and Iraq whose parents are believed to be affiliated to ISIS/Daesh. More

PACE committee lists steps needed to combat ‘organ transplant tourism’

A PACE committee has set out a series of steps to combat organ transplant tourism – including better traceability for donors and recipients, enforcing international referral systems and more work to tackle trafficking in general. More