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Upholding gender, equality and non-discrimination in times of crisis and pandemics

To face new waves of pandemics and other crises, governments will need to take a differentiated approach, and ensure that responses are “comprehensive and inclusive” and take full account of the diversity of our societies, said the Equality Committee, adopting a report by Petra Stienen... More

Webinar: the ongoing ‘pain’ of institutional racism in Europe must end

Following the Black Lives Matter protests in the US and Europe, parliamentarians came together with anti-racism officials and campaigners during a PACE webinar to condemn the “denial of the painful reality” of an estimated 15 million people of African descent living in Europe, and to demand... More

Poland: ‘stop the rhetoric of hate against LGBTI people’ says PACE General Rapporteur

“Increasing attacks against LGBTI people in Poland over the past weeks and months must stop,” declared Fourat Ben Chikha (Belgium, SOC), the General Rapporteur on the rights of LGBTI people for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), speaking today. “It is alarming to see that... More

Including a gender dimension in foreign policy

According to the Equality Committee, member States should ensure a gender dimension in their foreign policies, in view of promoting inclusiveness, equality and non-discrimination and to counter the backlash against women's rights. The report by Petra Stienen (Netherlands, ALDE), adopted by the... More

COVID-19: women should be at the heart of responding to crises

Women should be fully involved at the heart of crisis response planning and decision-making, participants agreed at a PACE webinar on the gender dimension of foreign policy in the response to COVID-19, bringing together parliamentarians with current and former diplomats as well as academics... More

Upholding human rights in times of crisis and pandemics: the right to equality and non-discrimination

PACE’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination held an exchange of views on  5 June 2020 on “Upholding human rights in times of crisis and pandemics: the right to equality and non-discrimination”. The exchange followed the appointment of Petra Stienen (Netherlands, ALDE) as rapporteur for a... More