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Webinars tackling the challenges of creating virtual parliaments

Confronted with the Coronavirus pandemic, the world’s parliaments have been forced to restructure their work and adopt innovative technological solutions, but a lack of appropriate legislation and associated ways of working has made it difficult for them to respond rapidly, particularly as... More

COVID-19: The head of PACE’s Sub-Committee on Diasporas urges governments to make it easier for diasporas to send money home during the crisis

The head of PACE’s Sub-Committee on Diasporas has urged European governments to make it easier for diasporas to send money home to their countries of origin during the COVID-19 crisis. Killion Munyama (Poland, EPP/CD), who is also Co-ordinator of PACE’s Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies... More

Parliamentary integrity, transparency and accountability: seminar for members of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada

A seminar on parliamentary integrity, transparency and accountability took place on 27-28 February for members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, organised by PACE and hosted by the Parliament of Finland. More

A new co-operation project with the Parliament of Morocco, PACE Partner for democracy

In the framework of co-operation between the Assembly and the Parliament of Morocco, a seminar open to officials of the Parliament of Morocco and members of the Jordanian Parliament will take place in Strasbourg. More

Measures to oversee human rights laws and ECHR judgments by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Members of the Ukrainian Parliament were urged to strengthen the parliament’s institutional capacity to press for the full implementation of rulings by the European Court of Human Rights. More

National parliaments: guaranteeing implementation of the Convention and of the ECtHR judgments

The Assembly is organising a fifth capacity-building seminar which aim is to involve to a greater extent legal advisors in the process of engaging national parliaments in the implementation of the Convention. More