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A parliamentary network on diaspora policies

The Parliamentary Assembly is organising a conference to launch the Parliamentary network on diaspora policies on 7 and 8 September in Lisbon, at the invitation of the Portuguese Parliament. More

How PACE supports the Ukrainian parliament to implement Council of Europe standards

The ability of Ukraine’s parliament to pass laws that are in line with Council of Europe standards has been given a major boost with three “capacity-building” events focusing on the standards of the European Convention of Human Rights. More

Second regional seminar for parliamentarians on European Convention on Human Rights held in Budapest

Within the framework of the Partnership for Good Governance, PACE will organise a second seminar in Budapest, 12-13 June, on the role of national parliaments in implementing the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights. More

Parliamentarians met in Sarajevo to discuss independence and impartiality of the media

A seminar on the independence and impartiality of the media, organised by the PACE in co-operation with the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, took place in Sarajevo on Monday 29 May. More

Tirana: parliamentary exchange on ‘Freedom of expression in the media’

A seminar on freedom of expression in the media was be held in Tirana on 24 February. It provided an opportunity for enhanced dialogue on the issue, between parliamentarians of Albania and other members of Parliaments of the '47'. More

Combating intolerance and discrimination by countering hate speech

A seminar on “Combating intolerance and discrimination by countering hate speech: the role of parliaments” was held at the National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, in the framework of the activities of the PACE No Hate Parliamentary Alliance. More