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Standing Committee to meet in Prague

The Standing Committee of the PACE will meet in Prague, at the Senate of the Czech Republic, on Tuesday 30 May, in the context of the Czech Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (May-November 2017). More

Exchange of views with Russian parliament representatives on co-operation with PACE

Since my election as President, I have invested time and efforts to maintain dialogue with the Russian Parliament because we are an Assembly of 47, not 46, said Pedro Agramunt after an exchange of views in Madrid. More

Standing Committee marks 40 years of Spain's membership in the Council of Europe

"40 years ago, Spain chose to embrace democracy after several decades of dictatorship and at the same time embraced with genuine commitment the values and principles of the Council of Europe", the President said in Madrid. More

Member states should ensure that detainees have access to a lawyer

The PACE Standing Committee, meeting in Madrid, has underlined the importance of detainees’ access to lawyers as a guarantee of the rights of the defence and the right to a fair trial. More

Political and financial commitments to increase political participation of persons with disabilities

Guaranteeing observance of the political rights of people with disabilities is a democratic issue, “raising questions with regard to the inclusiveness and efficiency of democratic systems,” said the Standing Committee. More

Madrid: the parliamentarians support the #NoHateNoFear initiative

On the eve of the commemoration of the Atocha terrorist attacks, the Standing Committee, meeting in Madrid, paid tribute to the victims, once again supporting the #NoHateNoFear initiative. More