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Georgia election: as observers’ final verdicts are published, PACE monitors urge follow-up

Tbilisi (Georgia) © Shutterstock Co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Georgia have called on all stakeholders in Georgia to fully implement the recommendations made by international observers following the Presidential election in 2018. More

‘General environment in Ukraine should allow for the holding of democratic elections’ says PACE pre-electoral delegation

The delegation, led by Angela Smith, felt that the general environment was appropriate for the holding of democratic elections. However, it considered that there was still room for improvement until election day. More

PACE delegation makes pre-electoral visit to Ukraine

A PACE delegation, headed by Angela Smith, will make a pre-electoral visit to Ukraine from 6 to 7 March to assess the election campaign and the preparations ahead of the 31 March Presidential election. More

Moldova : fundamental rights generally respected, though campaign tainted by violations

Parliamentary elections were competitive and fundamental rights were generally respected, but the campaign took place against the backdrop of disaffection with public institutions, the international observers concluded. More

PACE to observe the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova

Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) © Shutterstock A PACE delegation will travel to the Republic of Moldova from 22 to 25 February to observe the conduct of the parliamentary elections, alongside observers from the OSCE-PA, the EP and the OSCE-ODIHR. More

Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova: statement by pre-electoral delegation

Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) © Shutterstock The PACE pre-electoral delegation calls on the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure the right of citizens to free elections according to the international commitments of the Republic of Moldova. More