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Improving legislation to combat the abuse of administrative resources during electoral processes

The abuse of administrative resources during electoral processes is a violation of the principle of equal opportunities for political parties and candidates participating in elections," said speakers at a PACE conference. More

Kyrgyzstan presidential election provides for orderly transfer of power

The 15 October presidential election in Kyrgyzstan contributed to the strengthening of democratic institutions by providing for an orderly transfer of power from one elected president to another, the international observers concluded. More

PACE to observe the presidential election in the Kyrgyz Republic

Doris Fiala (Switzerland, ALDE) A PACE delegation led by Doris Fiala will travel to the country from 13 to 16 October, to observe the conduct of the presidential election alongside observers from the OSCE-PA, the European Parliament and the OSCE’s ODIHR. More

Albania elections: free campaigning, basic freedoms respected, but a politicised election administration reduced trust

The 25 June parliamentary elections in Albania took place following a political agreement between the leaders of the Socialist Party (SP) and Democratic Party (DP) that secured the participation of the opposition. More

PACE to observe the parliamentary elections in Albania

A PACE delegation, led by Paolo Corsini, will travel to Albania from 23 to 26 June to observe the conduct of the parliamentary elections, alongside observers from other international organisations. More

Albania: pre-electoral delegation welcomes that voters will have a variety of choices, remains concerned with strains on electoral process

Tirana (Albania) © Shutterstock The pre-electoral delegation welcomed that parliamentary elections on 25 June will be held with the participation of the main opposition parties, thus providing voters with a meaningful variety of choices. More