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Summer Session: report on PACE decision-making process concerning credentials and voting

A debate on the decision-making process of the Assembly concerning credentials and voting will be a highlight of the PACE Summer session, which takes place in Strasbourg from 24 to 28 June. More

Free debate on current issues

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held this afternoon a free debate on current issues not included in the session agenda. Twelve parliamentarians took the floor. More

PACE recommends the waiving of anonymity for all future human gamete donations

“Anonymity should be waived for all future gamete donations in Council of Europe member States,” PACE said today, after a debate in plenary session in Strasbourg, in adopting a recommendation based on the report by Petra De Sutter. More

Social media companies must do more to stop unlawful material and counter disinformation

Approving a resolution based on a report by José Cepeda, the Assembly called for better fact-checking and content-moderation, identifying and warning users and blocking such material in the most serious cases. More

Nikol Pashinyan: ‘Armenia is today unequivocally a democratic country’

“Armenia is today unequivocally a democratic country with absolute freedom of expression, and our government is continuing to enhance respect for human rights,” said Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia. More

PACE urges international action against money-laundering ‘laundromats’

PACE is deeply concerned by the extent of money laundering in member States, also known as the “Global”, the “Azerbaijani” and the “Troika" Laundromats, and has urged improved national mechanisms to combat it. More