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Autumn session: decision-making process concerning credentials and voting

Following a process of internal reflection over the last year on its “role and mission”, PACE is due to discuss the strengthening of its decision-making process concerning credentials and voting at its autumn session. More

A plan for curbing the deliberate destruction or illegal trafficking of cultural heritage

PACE has spelled out a series of steps member States can take to stop the illegal trafficking or – worse – the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage objects, including in architecturally sensitive combat zones. More

Promoting women's empowerment in the economy

PACE has invited member States to take a series of measures to promote the empowerment of women in the economy, whether they are women employees, in management positions, entrepreneurs, or as regards education and awareness raising. More

Call for the release of all Ukrainians detained in the Russian Federation and in Crimea on “politically motivated charges”

As many as 70 Ukrainian citizens widely considered to be political prisoners are still detained in Crimea or the Russian Federation on politically motivated or fabricated charges. The Assembly called for their release. More

Strengthening the prevention of and fight against forced marriage

Forced marriage involves a series of violent acts against, primarily, women and girls – but also men and boys – and violates their rights to physical integrity, physical and mental health, freedom and autonomy, said PACE. More

PACE spells out strict conditions for removing a child from the family as a ‘last resort’

Social welfare decisions to remove children from the family should be "a last resort", only for the necessary period of time, and be a proportionate response to a "real risk of actual and serious harm", PACE has said. More