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Preserving Jewish cultural heritage

In order to improve the protection and preservation of Jewish heritage sites, PACE has proposed a number of guidelines to member States concerning strategy and policy design. More

Free debate on current issues

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held this afternoon a free debate on current issues not included in the session agenda. Ten parliamentarians took the floor. More

Easing the effects of labour migration from eastern Europe

PACE called for concerted action by both sending and receiving countries to “alleviate the negative impact of labour migration on the countries of origin, while doing everything needed to preserve the positive aspects”. More

Recognise obstetrical and gynaecological violence and protect patients’ rights

Following a debate on obstetrical and gynaecological violence, PACE has called on national parliaments to discuss the protection of patients' rights in order to contribute to public debate and the lifting of taboos. More

Republic of Moldova: PACE welcomes ‘resilience and restraint’ of Moldovans in crisis situation

Given the polarised context in the Republic of Moldova, the Parliamentary Assembly has welcomed the peaceful transition of power and “the resilience and restraint” demonstrated by the Moldovan people. More

PACE to Europe’s governments: ‘It is your duty not to let people drown in the Mediterranean’

While welcoming the commitment of NGOs to carrying out sea rescues, the Parliamentary Assembly has insisted that “it is the duty of States not to let people drown in the Mediterranean”. More