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New Italian law restricting migrant rescue ‘could add to number of victims’

Doris Fiala (Switzerland, ALDE) A new Italian law restricting migrant rescue NGOs could “increase the number of victims” and should be submitted for international expert opinion before coming into force, according to Doris Fiala. More

After 70 years of the Geneva Conventions, civilians and the wounded in warfare ‘more at risk than ever’

"Seventy years ago today, the four Geneva Conventions were opened for signature, with the aim of protecting all human beings during wars and armed conflicts,” said PACE President Liliane Maury Pasquier. More

Amman conference on the economic potential of diasporas

The Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies will hold its next regional conference in Amman, Jordan, on 18 September. The meeting will focus on the topic “the economic potential of diasporas”. More

Reinstating of death penalty in the US: rapporteur deeply regrets the Federal Government’s decision

Titus Corlăţean expressed his deep regret at the decision of the USA Federal Government to resume capital punishment and to schedule executions of five death-row inmates, announced by the Department of Justice. More

Rapporteurs on Turkey expect the release and acquittal of the “Academics for Peace”

Nigel Evans and Thomas Hammarberg, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Turkey, welcomed the decision of Turkey’s Constitutional Court to uphold the “Academics for Peace’s” freedom of expression. More

Arrests in Moscow: President expresses deep concern

Liliane Maury Pasquier expressed her deep concern at the arrest and detention of hundreds of people demonstrating in Moscow during an unauthorised rally in view of a forthcoming local election. More