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Kazakhstan elections: efficiently organised but still considerable way to go towards fulfilling its election commitments

The elections were efficiently organised, but they indicated that Kazakhstan still has a considerable way to go in meeting its OSCE commitments for democratic elections, the observers concluded. More

PACE to observe the early parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan

An 11-member PACE delegation, led by Jordi Xuclà, will travel to Kazakhstan to observe the conduct of the early parliamentary elections, alongside observers from the OSCE-PA and the OSCE-ODIHR. More

PACE monitors welcome agreement on date for Macedonian early elections

Skopje, ''l'ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine''  © Zefart “We welcome the agreement reached yesterday by the Macedonian Parliament to re-schedule the early elections to 5 June 2016,” said Lise Christoffersen and Valeriu Ghiletchi,co-rapporteurs for post-monitoring dialogue. More

Observation of the referendum on the new constitution in Armenia

The relatively low turn-out, around 50% of the population, reflects the fact that the referendum was driven by political interests instead of the needs of the Armenian public, said PACE delegation. More