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PACE Secretary General meets with his counterpart of the Moroccan Chamber of Representatives

Relations between PACE and the Moroccan Parliament, which enjoys the status of partner for democracy in the Assembly were at the center of a meeting today between PACE Secretary General Wojciech Sawicki and the Secretary General of the House Representatives of Morocco, Najib El Khadi. More

Statement by the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly

Following numerous requests, I have decided to clarify for all those interested the situation in the Parliamentary Assembly with respect to the parliamentary delegation of the Russian Federation. More

OSCE, NATO and Council of Europe PA Secretaries General meet in Copenhagen

PACE Secretary General Wojciech Sawicki met with the Secretary General of the OSCE PA Roberto Montella and his counterpart from the NATO PA, David Hobbs, for the latest in regular consultations. More

Secretaries General of PACE, the IPA CIS and PABSEC meet in Strasbourg to discuss co-operation

PACE Secretary General Wojciech Sawicki met with his counterpart from the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the CIS and from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. More

PACE, OSCE and NATO Parliamentary Assemblies, the EP and OSCE/ODIHR discuss election observation

After Copenhagen and Warsaw, a meeting held in Strasbourg on 16-17 November brought together representatives of Council of Europe, OSCE and NATO PA's, the EP and OSCE/ODIHR to discuss election observation. More

Wojciech Sawicki re-elected PACE Secretary General

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) yesterday re-elected Wojciech Sawicki to the post of Secretary General of the Assembly for a five-year term starting on 1 February 2016. More