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Spring session 2017: the functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey

The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey is scheduled to be debated during the spring plenary session (24 to 28 April). Other highlight on the agenda is the debate on the situation of human rights in the North Caucasus. More

Investment court system a ‘reasonable compromise’ for arbitrating disputes between states and foreign investors

Pieter Omtzigt (Netherlands, EPP/CD) PACE has backed the proposed Investment Court System (ICS) as a “reasonable compromise” for arbitrating in commercial disputes between states and foreign investors. More

Promoting the inclusion of Roma and Travellers

PACE has called on member States actively to promote equal access to employment for Roma and Travellers and to ensure that effective anti-discrimination laws are in place, providing for accessible complaints procedures. More

Call for scrutiny to protect democracy and citizens in new blueprints for world trade

The Assembly today reminded member States to pay very close attention to safeguarding environmental, democratic, and human rights imperatives in Europe, when drafting the 'new generation trade agreements'. More

Free debate on current issues that are not included in the session agenda

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held this week a free debate on current issues not included in the session agenda. Twenty-one Assembly members took the floor during the debate. More

Protecting borders is compatible with the upholding of humanitarian law

Liddell-Grainger / session / october The right and obligation to protect national and EU external borders is not incompatible with the commitment to uphold international humanitarian law, the Parliamentary Assembly said today. More