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Reinforcing social rights in Europe

The Parliamentary Assembly has called today on member States to support, through their governments and parliaments, debates and co-operation launched under the “Turin process. More

PACE appeals for ‘political courage’ in integrating refugees, points to successful examples

PACE has called on European countries to show “political courage” in integrating refugees, pointing out that certain states, such as Germany or Sweden, have valuable experience which they could share. More

Sexual violence in the public space: stop trivialisation and impunity

The Assembly today expressed its concern at the magnitude of the phenomenon of sexual violence and harassment of women in the public space. The parliamentarians called for “an end to impunity”. More

Concern over delays in implementing the Court’s judgments

PACE expressed deep concern about the number of Court judgments pending before the Committee of Ministers, despite some progress, and even though all these judgments are not at the same stage of implementation. More

PACE denounces ‘psychological’ methods used to exert political influence over the media

PACE has denounced a series of methods used to exert political influence over journalists – ranging from physical threats and detention through to intimidation and harassment of editors and journalists. More

Current affairs debate: Europe’s common fight against terrorism

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)today held a current affairs debate on “Europe’s common fight against terrorism: successes and failures”, opened by Talip Küçükcan. More