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Spring Session: state of emergency, hybrid war, corruption, editorial integrity

Session On the occasion of its Spring session (23-27 April), PACE will examine the state of emergency and proportionality issues relating to the derogation provided for in Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights. More

Protecting rights of staff in international organisations

In adopting a resolution today, based on a report by Volker Ullrich, PACE recommended to introduce, in the international organisations, “reasonable alternative means of legally protecting” the rights of staff. More

PACE calls for ban on trade in items used in executions or torture

PACE has called for a ban on trade in items used in executions or torture – urging all 47 Council of Europe member States to apply the approach of the EU, which bans some items and operates a case-by-case licensing system for others. More

Free debate on current issues

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) held this morning a free debate on current issues not included in the session agenda. Twenty parliamentarians took the floor. More

Commissioner: 'Time to renew our commitment and halt the deterioration of human rights'

“In 2017 the human rights situation continued to deteriorate in many European countries. Old crises deepened, new crises emerged and commitment to human rights values and standards seemed to weaken”, said Nils Muižnieks. More

'May the darkest pages of our common history never again be repeated'

“The Holocaust gives us the ugliest, most appalling and disgraceful example of what happens when human kind loses sight of the fundamental values of humanity,” Michele Nicoletti recalled at a ceremony. More