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Monitors call on Armenian authorities to request a Venice Commission opinion on constitutional and related changes

The Parliament decided to hold an extraordinary session in order to discuss a series of amendments that would remove the requirement for the Constitutional Court to check the compliance of draft legislation with the Constitution More

PACE rapporteurs deeply regret signing into law of controversial amendments to Common Courts and Supreme Court laws

The co-rapporteurs on the functioning of democratic institutions in Poland, Azadeh Rojhan Gustafsson and Pieter Omtzigt, have expressed their deep regret at the signing into law by President Duda of the controversial amendments. More

Radical political change is challenging democracy, warns rapporteur

Democratic institutions are under threat today in many Council of Europe member States, including some founding ones, warns Marie-Christine Dalloz, rapporteur on "Countering ill democracies in Europe". More

Combating disinformation, particularly in the context of elections

PACE expressed its concern about the spread of disinformation campaigns aimed at shaping public opinion, trends of manipulation and foreign electoral interference process, and hate amplification on the internet and social media. More

Armenia: PACE monitors express concern at the high level of tension between institutions

“We are very concerned by the high level of tension between two State institutions in Armenia, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Presidency of the Constitutional Court,” say PACE monitors Andrej Šircelj and Kimmo Kiljunen. More

PACE lists steps needed to combat ‘organ transplant tourism’

PACE has set out a series of steps to combat organ transplant tourism – including better traceability for donors and recipients, enforcing international referral systems and more work to tackle trafficking in general. More