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Tuberculosis: every patient must be diagnosed effectively and have access to treatment

PACE called on member States to ensure that every tuberculosis patient is effectively diagnosed and has access to appropriate treatment and care, as well as to psycho-social support. More

PACE warns of the new threat of ‘hybrid war’, but reaffirms that existing laws continue to apply

Boriss Cilevics (Latvia, SOC) The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly today has warned of the new threat of “hybrid war,” in which adversaries combine traditional military action with other hostile acts in the information sphere. More

Rules Committee delivers findings on some PACE members mentioned in report on alleged corruption

The Rules Committee has delivered its findings on the behaviour of the first three individual PACE members mentioned in the report on alleged corruption – and decided to postpone a decision on a fourth. More

Fighting organised crime by facilitating the confiscation of illegal assets

The Parliamentary Assembly noted with deep concern that the confiscation of criminal assets is often prevented by “an unreasonably heavy burden of proof placed on the competent national authorities. More