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The Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies organised its 2nd regional meeting in Kyiv

During its 2nd meeting in Kyiv, which brought together around 80 participants, the Network emphasized how important it is for national and local authorities to engage diaspora members and their organisations. More

Gudrun Mosler-Törnström: “It is through synergy that we will succeed to strengthen democracy”

"It is through synergy that we will succeed to strengthen democracy in Europe and to counter temptations to recentralize that are nothing more than a step backwards", said Gudrun Mosler-Törnström, President of the Congress. More

Migrants and refugees: fostering the right to family reunification and women’s role in the integration process

Session Stressing that the right to family life applies to everyone, including refugees and migrants, the Assembly called on member States to develop common guidelines to implement the right to family reunification. More

Ensuring the success of decentralisation processes in Europe

The Parliamentary Assembly reaffirmed the key role of decentralisation in ensuring better responsiveness of public services to local needs and strengthening confidence in public authorities. More