Positive assessment of the partnership with the Parliament of Jordan

PACE today welcomed the efforts of the Jordanian parliament to comply with the political commitments of a partner for democracy despite the difficulties related to the instability in the region.

In a resolution unanimously adopted today, based on a report by Josette Durrieu (France, SOC), the Assembly considers “positively” the continuing constitutional, institutional, political and legal reforms, in particular those concerning the judiciary, political parties, decentralisation and social affairs (legislation favourable to women). Although the reforms are advancing more slowly than planned, the Assembly believes that “Jordan is moving in the right direction”.

However, the Assembly regrets that the courts have continued to hand down death sentences, while a de facto moratorium on executions was purportedly introduced in 2006. It calls on the Jordanian Parliament to intervene with the authorities to stop executions and reinstate the moratorium pending the abolition of the death penalty in the Criminal Code.

The adopted text states that the Assembly must support Jordan in these difficult times and continue to assist it in “a progressive and trusting approach leading towards greater democracy and greater rights”. PACE will continue to closely follow the implementation of the reforms in Jordan and to offer the Jordanian Parliament its full assistance; the resolution adds that the Assembly will make a new assessment of the partnership within two years.

The Jordanian parliament was granted partner for democracy status with the PACE on 26 January 2016, on the basis of Resolution 2086 (2016). It was the fourth parliament to be granted this status, introduced by the Assembly in 2009, to develop institutional co-operation with the parliaments of the Council of Europe’s neighbouring States.