Strengthening gender equality in politics: regional conference in Rabat

A regional conference on “Women in politics: how to progress towards equality?” will be held by the Assembly in Rabat on 5 July 2018 at the invitation of the Moroccan Parliament, in the framework of the Joint Program between the Council of Europe and the European Union “Ensuring sustainable democratic governance and human rights in the Southern Mediterranean (South Programme III)”.

The conference is organised in co-operation with the PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination and is open to representatives of the parliaments of the Southern Mediterranean and Middle East countries, as well as members of the Assembly.

The discussions will focus on the issues of equality and political representation of women, mechanisms to promote the representation of women, the role of political parties in promoting the representation of women, as well as equality issues in electoral campaigns.

Leading representatives of the Moroccan Parliament and Government, the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the 1st Vice-President of the Venice Commission, the Chairperson of the committee and members of its ad hoc Sub-Committee, as well as other organisations and institutions involved in equality matters, are among those invited.