Parliamentarians from Jordan, Morocco, Palestine gather to discuss combating violence against women

A regional conference on preventing and combating violence against women, focusing on the role of parliaments in Southern Mediterranean countries in promoting legislative advances and international standards, will be held in Paris on 20 September 2018, in the framework of a joint Council of Europe-EU programme aimed at supporting democracy and human rights in the Southern Mediterranean (the South Programme III).

The conference, organised in co-operation with the “Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence” as well as PACE’s Equality Committee, is open to members of parliaments that have been granted Partner for Democracy status with the Assembly – the parliaments of Jordan, Morocco and Palestine.

Others invited to attend include the President of the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), the Co-ordinator of the North-South Centre Pool of Experts on Women’s Rights in the Southern Mediterranean, and the Chair of the French Parliament’s delegation for Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Other topics to be covered include initiatives to tackle violence against women in Southern Mediterranean countries, as well as achievements and challenges in the implementation of the Istanbul Convention.