3 February 1993

Doc. 6758



on the deportations of Palestinians from Israel, and that

country's future status in the Council of Europe

presented by Mr RATHBONE and others

      The Assembly,

1.       Deplores the unwarranted deportation by the Israeli Government of 415 Palestinians from the territories of the West Bank;

2.       Believes that this expulsion is in clear violation of the legal rights of any people living under occupation, as stipulated by the 4th Geneva Convention;

3.       Recalls United Nations Security Council Resolution 681 (1990), which calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the 4th Geneva Convention to ensure respect by Israel for its obligations under that convention, something that Israel has singularly refused to do;

4.       Notes that the United Nations Security Council issued Resolution 799 on

18 December 1992 demanding the return of the expelled Palestinians to their homeland, a decision which Israel has rejected;

5.       Believes that the return of some deportees for "health reasons" or because "a mistake has been made", in no way exonerates Israel from blame for the deportations and for the continuing ban on food, medicine, or any basic creature comforts for the considerable, remaining number of deportees;

6.       Considers it entirely unreasonable to expect any other country to give these deportees refuge, thereby effectively condoning the deportations, when the deportees' clearly stated desire is to return to their own homes;

7.       Considers that the Israeli High Court Ruling upholding these deportations alters not at all the horrible character of this inhuman action which is contrary to international law and to proper respect for human rights;

8.       Is deeply concerned that Israel's deportations jeopardise international efforts to reduce border tensions and obtain a lasting peace settlement in the area;

9.       Resolves:

i.       to review the state of Israel's Observer status to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and be prepared to withdraw that status should deportees not be returned immediately to their own homes,

ii.       and urges the member governments of the Council of Europe to review trade and aid agreements with Israel in order to bring maximum pressure to bear on the Government of Israel to act upon United Nations Security Council Resolution 799 and abide by the 4th Geneva Convention.

Signed:       Rathbone, Maruflu, Smith, Alexander, Hunt, Durant, Newall, Gül,

      Le Grand, Dundee, Güner, Dinçerler, Akarcali, Speed, Ward,

      Särkijärvi, Albrink, Hansen, Ragnarsdottir