2 February 1995

Doc. 7232


by Mr GÜNER, Turkey, EDG *

on minority rights in Greece

      Mr GÜNER,

1.       Noting that today members of the Turkish Moslem minority in Western Thrace continue to be subjected to discriminatory treatment in every aspect of their lives, he has raised this deplorable situation on various occasions with the Committee of Ministers. The latest example of this is the case of Mehmet Emin Aga, Müfti of Xanthi, who has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for performing his religious functions;

2.       Noting that Müftis are the religious authorities in Western Thrace and that they have a special place in the lives of the Turkish Moslem minority, their status being established by international treaties;

3.       Believing that the Council of Europe has a responsibility for upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe,

4.       To ask the Committee of Ministers,

      Whether it believes that the persecution of Mr Mehmet Emin Aga, the elected Müfti of the Turkish Moslem minority in Western Thrace, is compatible with the responsibilities and commitments of the member states of the Council of Europe in the field of human and minority rights.



* EDG = European Democratic Group