Doc. 9062

25 April 2001

The case of Mr Panicos Tsiakourmas

Written Question No. 393 to the Committee of Ministers

by Mr Hadjidemetriou

      Considering that since 12 December 2000, the Greek Cypriot civilian, Mr Panicos Tsiakourmas who was abducted by the Turkish occupation troops within the British Sovereign area in the Republic of Cyprus, is held illegally in a prison in the occupied area of Cyprus awaiting "trial" on fabricated charges, an event which caused the strong reaction of both the government of Cyprus and the British Government;

      Taking into account the fact that Mr Tsiakourmas' health has greatly deteriorated since then as he suffers from diabetes,

      Mr Hadjidemetriou to ask the Committee of Ministers,

      Whether it has acted upon this case towards Turkey, a member state of the Council of Europe, which controls the occupied part of Cyprus, in order to secure Mr Tsiakourmas immediate release and his reunification with his family and especially his gravely ill mother.


Hadjidemetriou, Cyprus, SOC