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Recommendation 1032 (1986)

Creation of a Euro-Arab University

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - Assembly debate on 21 April 1986 (1st Sitting) (see Doc. 5542, report of the Committee on Culture and Education). Text adopted by the Assembly on 21 April 1986 (1st Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Noting the historical influence of Arab traditions in the formation of European culture ;
2. Reaffirming its belief in the vocation of the Council of Europe to develop a cultural dialogue with other parts of the world, as expressed for example in Recommendation 1030 (1986), on university co-operation between Europe and Latin America ;
3. Welcoming the appeal made by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr Mubarak, on 28 January 1986, for the intensification of co-operation between Europe and the Arab world ;
4. Referring to the various initiatives taken for the creation of a Euro-Arab University, including theEuropean Parliament's Resolution of 30 March 1984, and welcoming the setting up by the Spanish Government of an interministerial commission to this effect ;
5. Regarding it to be important for the realisation of this project that Arab, Spanish and European experts be involved in the formulation of proposals concerning the practical details of such a university ;
6. Believing that Andalusia, which saw the flowering of the first Euro-Arab culture, is an ideal area for the implantation of such an initiative which should serve as a bridge between European and Arab universities ;
7. Convinced that such a university could provide a means of transmitting such basic Council of Europe values as human rights, democracy and equality of the sexes, and also lead to greater mutual understanding between the Arab and European worlds ;
8. Suggesting that the establishment of a Euro-Arab University in Spain might usefully be balanced by the creation of a complementary institution on the Arab side along the lines of the courses planned in Tunisia for 1986 by the International Association for the Euro-Arab University ;
9. Hoping in due course also to associate other member states that have a strong Arab tradition, such as Turkey, Malta and Cyprus, with aspects of cultural co-operation between Europe and the Arab world,
10. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers :
a. add its support to the action of the Spanish Government for the creation of a Euro-Arab University by stressing the importance of the setting-up of a tripartite expert commission (Arab, Spanish andEuropean representative of the area of the European Cultural Convention) to formulate, in collaboration with the Spanish authorities, proposals on :
10.1.1. general concept and overall organisation ;
10.1.2. university statutes ;
10.1.3. university and administrative structures ;
10.1.4. sources and means of financing ;
b. ensure that the Council of Europe is represented in those bodies responsible for carrying out this project, and that the activities of the university are open to universities of all states signatory to the European Cultural Convention ;
c. investigate possibilities of extending cultural co-operation between Europe and the Arab world beyond the university field.