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Resolution 189 (1960)

Situation in the Baltic States on the twentieth anniversary of their forcible incorporation into the Soviet Union

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - Assembly debate on 28th September 1960 (19th Sitting) (see Doc. 1173, Report of the Committee on Non-represented Nations). Text adopted by the Assembly on 29th September 1960 (20th Sitting).

1. The Assembly,
2. On the twentieth anniversary of the occupation and forcible incorporation into the Soviet Union of the three European States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,
3. Notes that this illegal annexation took place without any genuine reference to the wishes of the people;
4. Expresses sympathy with the sufferings of the Baltic peoples and assures them that they are not forgotten by their fellow Europeans;
5. Is confident that Communist oppression will not succeed in crushing their spirit and faith in freedom and democracy;
6. Notes that the independent existence of the Baltic States is still recognised de jure by a great majority of the Governments of the nations of the free world;
7. Urges member Governments to support appropriate efforts of Baltic refugees to maintain their natural culture, traditions and languages, in anticipation of the time when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be able to play their part as free nations in our democratic international institutions.