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Resolution 1106 (1996)

Quorum in committees

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - See Doc. 7684, report of the Committee on Rules of Procedure, rapporteur: Lord Finsberg. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 7 November 1996.

1. The Assembly notes that since 1994 some general committees of the Assembly have experienced quorum problems which have hindered the progress of their work.
2. To remedy this situation the Assembly decides to supplement Rule 45, paragraph 10 in fine, of its Rules of Procedure with the following text: "If no such request is made, and if no quorum exists when a committee begins a meeting which is taking place at the date, time and place which was notified to its members, the chairperson shall have the power to close the meeting and forthwith open a subsequent one when those present, irrespective of their number, shall be deemed quorate. During such a meeting, the agenda sent out to committee members beforehand shall not be changed."
3. The Assembly decides that these provisions will enter into force at the opening of the 1997 Ordinary Session (27 January 1997). It asks its Committee on Rules of Procedure to review them, if necessary, after two years of application.