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Amendment No. 1 | Doc. 13585 | 29 September 2014

Good governance and enhanced quality in education

Signatories: Ms Rózsa HOFFMANN, Hungary, EPP/CD ; Mr Volodymyr ARIEV, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Mónika BARTOS, Hungary, EPP/CD ; Mr Zsolt NÉMETH, Hungary, EPP/CD ; Mr Rovshan RZAYEV, Azerbaijan, EPP/CD ; Mr Serhiy SOBOLEV, Ukraine, EPP/CD

Origin - 2014 - Fourth part-session

In the draft resolution, move paragraph 5.5, and its sub-paragraphs, to beneath paragraph 5.11.

Explanatory note

The order of a list always contains a message: it refers to the importance of each subject. The objectives of paragraphs 5.6 to 5.11 take priority over those listed in paragraph 5.5.