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Report | Doc. 51 | 13 May 1951

Establishment of a Joint Atlantic Resources and Purchasing Board

Committee on Economic Affairs and Development

Rapporteur : Lord Robert BOOTHBY, United Kingdom

Origin - See Doe. 144, 1950, Docs. 29 and 34. Report referred back to the Committee on Economic Questions. See 16th and 17th Sittings, Doc. 58 and Rec.7.. 1951 - 3rd Session - First part

A. Explanatory Statement



During its Eighth Sitting the Assembly referred to the Committee on Economic Questions for its views a Motion submitted by Mr. Edelman on the establishment of a Joint Atlantic Resources and Purchasing Board.

With due regard to the amendments submitted by Mr. Macmillan and Mr. Hopkinson, the Committee proposes that the Assembly should adopt the following draft Recommendation :

B. Draft Recommendation


" The Assembly,

bearing in mind the rising cost of living and the consequential harsdhip both to wage and salary earners and to those, like pensioners, with fixed incomes;

mindful of the rising cost of the defence; programme and its heavy burden on the taxpayer;

recognising that these rising costs are, in great measure, due to the rising prices of overseas commodities;

and having due regard to the necessity of denying strategic raw materials to aggressor States :

Calls on the Committee of Ministers to concert action with the United States Government with a view to establishing a Joint Atlantic Resources and Purchasing Board which will have as its task:

a. to bring down prices ,a.nd stabilise the commodity markets by all appropriate measures,
b. to ensure that allocations are made to its members for stockpiling and current use on the basis of fair shares and common strategy. "