Liliane Maury Pasquier

Former President 2018-2019

"We must continue to work tirelessly to promote human rights, democracy and the rule of law, both on the European continent and beyond in the face of rising extremism, violence and repression, and in a context in which migration and security are very strained issues.

The President of the Assembly therefore has an important role to play in advocating values such as justice, integrity and cohesion, while speaking out against exclusion, hate and an atmosphere of one against all.

The difficult institutional and financial context in which our Assembly finds itself also requires us to strengthen our values of transparency, responsibility and commitment to the democracy that we defend.

In order to resist the adverse winds both externally and internally, the Assembly needs a President with strong convictions and experience.

These convictions and experience I gladly place at the service of our Assembly. In accordance with our values of equality, the protection of minorities and in the belief that I represent all our parliamentarians, I am very honoured to have been elected to this position."